Smooth move

April 21, 2010

Well maybe not as smooth as a male swimmer’s chest, but definitely much smoother than any other move I’ve made. No, I did not move away from Montreal, much less downtown, no, I will not be giving you shopping tips now for “enter small town name here.” See what I did? I managed to not offend anyone. Or maybe everyone. Anywho, I invested in a major upgrade, since I’m a free spirit and all. Got my own digs:

New and improved, can you believe it wasn’t taken?

Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been self-educating myself for the last couple of days on the many intricacies of self-hosting and such. Turns out “WordPress for Dummies” did not answer ALL my questions. Not like me, I’ll answer ANY question you throw my way. I’ll probably regret saying that.

See you on the other side! Wait, is that greener grass I see?

Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What’s the Deal-io (with Amazon)?

April 18, 2010

No, I do not have any issues with Amazon. Au contraire my friends, I have received impeccable service thus far from the little robots who run the place. For stuff I don’t have to try on, (“hmm, does this DVD make my thighs look fat?”) online shopping has its perks. Like crazy one-day deals such as these! Every day Amazon will feature a special crazy kookoo offer for a specific DVD, at least 50 %. You can also check out their other deals, up to 80% off. My name is Bar-B and I still pay for my DVD’s. I’m old-fashioned like that.

Monday: “Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof” (Blu-ray)

Tuesday: “The Blue Planet: Seas of Life” (DVD)

Wednesday: “One Week” (DVD or Blu-ray)

Thursday: “The BBC Earth Collection” (Blu-ray)

Friday: “The Golden Compass” (DVD or Blu-ray)

Find them here, depending on the day:

So plan ahead this year and buy Mom a sexily narrated BBC Earth series, by some British bloke usually, such as John Cleese. Speaking of John Cleese, check this out:

I’m terribly sorry about all the people affected by the ire of that volcano, but at least you get some crazy stories out of it. I would totally have paid HIM to drive him. Well, maybe not. He would probably stop talking after about an hour and then I would have to listen to Norwegian pop. Which is probably pretty good.

Anywho, have a good one!

Peace out.

Down by The Bay

April 17, 2010

The Bay. The final shopping frontier. Not as chic as Ogilvy/Holt, not as cool as Zara, not as Gappy as the Gap. Yet it combines ALL the high-end brands, including their sales, PLUS a points card, PLUS everything under one roof. PLUS a bathroom, and a nice one at that. Being a mall rat as I am, I know pretty much every single public washroom downtown MTL. In the five-star rating system I keep in my head, I would give The Bay’s a 4/5 stars. Clean, check. Esthetic, check. Always paper, check. Never a line-up, check. Lots of stalls, check. No elevator music, check. It even has a little seating area, (?!) and good hooks on doors. Why the lacking star? Well, to me there is only one bathroom that gets five. My bathroom mecca, if you will. Only used for special occasions, not really downtown either.

The W Hotel in Old Montreal. I would stay in the bathroom were there no rooms available. They were SMART, nothing reflects more about your service than how you maintain/style your loo. Picture this: perfect dim lighting oozes relaxation/zen-ness/sophistication. The sink is a series of faucets over a bed of rocks and pebbles. The thrones are made for royalty. Sensuous lounge music inundates your surroundings. Sometimes I catch girls just drinking and chatting in there, as if it were a non-threatening male-free (most of the time) oasis.

That was a random tangent, back to the Bay (Oh, another honourable mention: The Keg at Place Ville Marie). The Bay tries to stay cutting edge by offering crazy bonuses, mostly in their cosmetics section. This one is just plain ridonculous:

I am all over that, like orange make-up on Ryan Seacrest. Like muscle shirts on Simon Cowell. I don’t even watch A.I. to be honest, I just like poking fun at their people.

In summary, spend 34 bucks, get a gift worth 240. You choose 7 out of 14 products, and get a cosmetic pouch. Insane! While quantities last, til May 9th.

Just do it! (Property of Nike Inc.)

Peace out.

TP hookup and more…

April 17, 2010

So many deals, so little time, oh wait. Lots of time. Doy! So if you’re like me and going to the airport to TP the Caps once they come to Montreal, you’re going to need back-up. Both back-up paper and back-up friends, for when Ovechkin starts seducing you. Toilet-paper deal of the day/du jour: Jean Coutu til next Wednesday, Charmin “Basic”, 4.99 for 12 double rolls. As you may remember my logic behind tp purchasing….. never pay more than 25 cents a roll. Or 4 for a dollar, that’s easier. 12 double rolls=24 normal rolls, for five bucks, equals 20 cents a roll, equals good deal!!!! Plus Charmin is kosher. For a kosher tooshie.

Also at JC, Bounty paper towels, 6 for 3.99. I’ve seen cheaper, but this is still a great deal. If you need paper towels. They don’t work as well when you’re throwing them at hockey players (not that I endorse this type of behaviour). Plus I think they’re select-a-size which is awesome, you end up using much less. Plus, girls don’t always get to “select-a-size” if you know what I mean. wink wink. I cannot complain. Too racy? I went there. Both Speed Stick and the lady version are on sale, 3×5 bucks, good deal to share. Or not. Puff’s tissues on sale, 6 boxes for 4.99, also a steal. This is a tricky subject, tissues is. There are three stages in life: when you buy dollarama/one layer no-name tissues, when you buy whatever Royale/Kleenex/Scotties is on sale, and when you buy Puff’s. Puff’s blows the competition away. It is the authority in tissues. They usually go for over 2 or 3 bucks a box, so this is most CERTAINLY a deal. These stages are interchangeable, not necessarily chronological, but the signs of prosperity are always linked to the booming of Puff’s. Or one could also argue that the economy is in such a dire state that even Puff’s go on sale. I tend to see the cup half full. Unless I put a Puff’s tissue in there, or a Bounty paper towel, then the liquid is gone in two seconds! Yes, I did purchase at one point SHAM-wow’s, just two words for you: “SHAM” and “wet-dog smell”. Ruff said.

JC flyer:

Til the 18th, get an additional 20% off any Body Shop purchase as long as you bring a reuseable bag. Or bring a kangaroo. Don’t exploit animals. Apparently ’tis Earth Day come April 22nd. I guess Earth Hour and Earth Day are different things? Pardon my ignorance.

Til Sunday, enjoy 3 dollar shipping at La Senza online.

Til Sunday, at Yves-Rocher online, get free shipping (spending over 40), plus free bag and free pashmina, plus crazy discounts. Yves-Rocher is one of my top 5 go-to stores for both quality and value, so no matter what you order you know you’re getting the ultimate French beauty experience. I’ll rave about them later. Meanwhile….

 Peace out

Goody Giveaways

April 13, 2010

Random stuff:

Free samples of “U by Kotex”, (one pad, one liner, two tampons).  Limit of two per household. I don’t think they care if they’re both for you, you don’t have to use your boyfriend’s name for the second sample. Although it would be funny if he opens the box with his name on it.

Free filter coffee April 15th @ Starbucks if you bring your own re-usable mug. Doesn’t have to be a Starbucks mug. I guess that wouldn’t look too good if they asked for just Starbucks mugs.

Get a free Venus razor just by playing a cute little game where you have to choose your shaving weapons. Do it right first, fill out your info for your freebie, then you get to play around with the answers again. Like choosing whip cream instead of shaving cream! Yum. I would give you the answers, but that’s cheating. Plus, if you get it wrong, you don’t deserve anything free.

Get free movie coupons when you buy either General Mills cereal specially marked boxes, (Cheerios, Lucky Charms, NesQuik, etc.) or Old El Paso kits (?!). Depending on what month it is, you can either get a free movie ticket, BOGO free, free popcorn/drinks, stuff like that. Do me a favour and go when you get a free ticket, not free popcorn. Instead, bring a baggie of that cereal you just bought and snack on that. Good at Cineplex. (Paramount, Scotia Theatre)

Non-free stuff (I don’t endorse five-finger discounts): Big sale at H&M, Mid-mid-season sale or something like that. Also, I noticed that the Liz Claiborne store at Promenades Cathedrale is closing shop, so they have a huge sale in the 80% range, additional 50 to sale stuff. Not my cup of tea, but poke around and you might find something. At least some generic black pants for work. I found a cute pink top. Apparently Laura clothes is buying the Canadian Liz Claibornes, and turning them into Laura’s. Again, not my cup of tea. Random fact du jour: Liz Claiborne Inc. owns a fashion dynasty, such as: Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Lucky Jeans, and Mexx. Partnered with DKNY et al. My goodness! They’re doing well for themselves!

So enjoy some free stuff, it’s win-win for the companies and us, and if ever you’re asked to do a short online survey for a legit company then give in once in a while. If you want. They still rely on us to know what the deelio is in our modern society, otherwise before we know it they actually WILL start thinking that we shave our legs with toothpaste. And that we think geckos are adorable. And babies on roller skates. Don’t get me started!!!

Peace out

Bargain burgers (um, well, they’re 14.50 each)

April 12, 2010

But what a burger! Technically not a “real” burger, since it ain’t got no beef, but it sits between two buns. Burger! So R and I went to the movies to catch the new Sam Worthington flick, that’s all I need to know to go see it. Yes, I’m easily persuaded by male lead handsomeness. No, I don’t think Adam Sandler is handsome. Sorry! So anyway, we wanted to catch a bite before and we both craved the same place: Cafe Vasco da Gama on Peel between Ste. Catherine and De Maisonneuve. It’s right next to Ferreira, the place to be seen during Grand Prix (not my thing). I think they’re actually the same owner, but Da Gama is like a subdued cousin that focuses on amazing food and coffee. Not service though, be prepared. Who cares though, it’s tough to get good service anywhere. I was a waitress for five years and to the contrary of popular belief, I have much less patience for poor service. No sympathy. Unless there is something out of their control, that I understand. When you’d rather chat with your buddy than refill my water which I asked you politely 3 times, then I get angry. I turn into Hulktress. Not really, I just drink more wine. Where was I?

Right. Vasco. It’s teeny tiny, easy to miss, but seriously keep an eye open. I’ve only had the one thing there, every time I go against my mantra of always ordering something new. But their tuna burger is perfect. Order it rare, be a daredevil, they have very high quality fresh meat. It comes on a hallah bun, with a perfect assembly of toppings I won’t give away. Included in the price is your choice of soup or salad, soups are usually yummy, and the salads are not just cheap filler. Real veggies and pastas and such. We decided to have a drink, I had a glass of their “selected wine of the day” or something, and R had a beer. I’m pretty sure all their wine and beers are Portuguese, which is fine by me. The wine of the day was 6.50 for a glass, same for the beers. Good for one drink, which is usually what you need for a meal. Have an espresso, or cappuccino, and have one of their amazing desserts. Like the molten chocolate cake. Most of the burgers are cheaper, including a bison burger. They also have other Portuguese specialties, and breakfast goodies. Here’s the site:

The menu:  (veggie friendly)

I hear they get celeb sightings there, including Mr. Da Gama himself. He checks the place out once in a while. Can’t have his name dragged thru the mud. To be honest, I just made this up.

Get a bite next time you go see a flick, get out of your comfort zone. That is also my mantra. I like to both be “in da zone” and “outta da zone”. And that’s the way it is. Huh!

Peace out

Long time no post!

April 12, 2010

Hello le gang, I appreciate everyone who reads bar-b and sorry for being out of commission for four days. It felt so weird not giving my opinion on stuff. Maybe I’m deluded and no one really noticed, you’re just thinking “she stopped posting? so?” but anywho, I was barely home, but racking up plenty of experiences. Plus, yesterday my cable went out all afternoon, which includes tv-internet-phone. It was surreal! Kind of peaceful, almost too zen. Anywho, it’s not like we had no power, we still snuggled and watched two movies on my laptop. We do have a TV, but I have reached a point where my laptop has HD whereas my telly does not, nor R’s desktop. Movie recommendation du jour: “Thank you for Smoking.” Maybe I’m the only person left that hadn’t seen it, but it was surprisingly great. I should probably read what movies are about before I watch them, but that’ s no fun. So turns out it’s not a documentary about polite smokers, just a witty story about a lobbyist. With social commentary undertones. But not preachy.

Anywho, Saturday I went to the “Salon de la Femme” thingie at Palais des Congres, OMG. Normally I don’t say OMG but I felt it conveyed what I’m trying to say. It started at 10 a.m., I got there around 12, and was too late to get my free loot bag. I did however get a box of triscuits and a bar of olive soap. There are two ways to tackle this thing: a) What I did, try to be as efficient as possible. I went up and down the rows scouting out all the free samples, standing in line where necessary, then moving on. There were SO many women there, (many even with suitcases to stuff with freebies) and a few uncomfortable guys. The guys were kinda happy, since there was like a “pole-dance your way to a slimmer you” type stand which included a pole and a very flexible lady. A few hints: know what product you’re standing in line for, as I lost four minutes standing in line for free samples of dog food. I don’t have a dog.

Unless you’re hungry, or really keen on free food samples, then is it REALLY worth it to stand in line for a teeny cracker with some pesto. Give me something I can take home to feed my hungry fiance. Not dog food.

b)You can do this leisurely, and enjoy every single thing, which is fine if you’re not agoraphobic such as myself. I’m not full-blown terrified of crowds, but I do get overwhelmed after a certain amount of time. Especially when there are freebies involved. There is plenty to see, organizations to read about, and they have live shows and stuff.

What I scored: miscellaneous food items (yoghurt, chips, crackers, cereal), a free battery-powered razor with a trimmer (SCORE!!!!), breathe-right strips (which are as fashionable as they are useful), soap, tampons, and tons of coupons (which is my pet peeve, I never use them. They’re usually on regular price only, sometimes you need to buy several things, they take time at the cash to process it, and let’s face it: it don’t look too cool when you’re trying to save 60 cents with a clip-out). So check it out next time, get there early, and be prepared! That’s just all around good advice. The scouts stole it from me.

Peace out

What’s in MY wallet

April 7, 2010

This time I’ll speak of one of my more “meh” cards, but that are better than nothing and cost nothing to get. A Pharmaprix (Shopper’s Drug Mart) Optimum Card. We’ve all had to go to Pharmaprix at some point, whether it be your pharmacy of choice or convenience, or simply where you go if you’re walking downtown and your shoe broke and you want to buy cheap flip-flops (Dollarama has those too).  I personally boycott the one at Place-Ville-Marie for many reasons. First of all, since they get all the business people they actually have the chutzpah to charge more on everyday products than other Pharmaprixs. I know this for a fact, going to two different Pharmaprixs on the same day (I’m crazy like that). Secondly, they don’t follow fliers, and don’t have their own, since they consider themselves a “luxury” pharmacy or whatever. They do pick up some of the deals and offers, but I find their ridiculousness too much to bear. I know they have more selection when it comes to perfumes and cosmetics, but do me a favour and shop around a bit. Or walk over to the Bay. Thirdly, they once had me waiting an hour and a half to pick up some run-of-the-mill monthly “feminine” prescriptions, when there were only three people ahead of me when I got there. They kept serving other people. I finally gave up and asked them to give me my prescription back, and told them I was transferring to another pharmacy. All of a sudden they were all attentive, too little too late. So I went down the street and realized that there was another Pharmaprix actually much closer to where I live, on St. Alexander and Ste. Catherine, gave them my paper and was served within five minutes. Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself. It’s taken me a lot to come out of my shell is these types of situations, I used to be border-line doormat when it came to customer service. I NEVER endorse being rude, just keeping a calm voice and asking for what you deserve as a customer.

Anywho, they have a points card that you get for free, I’m sure a lot of people have it. It works on thresholds, where after a certain amount of points you get cash discounts on your purchase. The points are cumulative. Every week they have some special or another, this week UNTIL FRIDAY they have a special where if you spend 75 bucks you get 25 bucks worth in points back. As I’ve said before, I know it’s hard to fathom spending 75 bucks at a pharmacy, and don’t fall into their trap either where you end up buying stuff that’s overpriced and cheaper elsewhere. We all have common sense, just do the math. If you can find 75 bucks worth of stuff on sale, like a hair-dryer+face cream+deodorant+fabric softener , than it’s totally worth it, since you’ll also get 25 back.

From Saturday to Monday, get a 20 buck Esso card when you spend 75.

Stuff worth buying EXPIRING ON FRIDAY:

-Royale tissues, 69 cents.

-Cascade, 2.99. (I personally only buy biodegradable/natural cleaning products, but I don’t judge people who don’t. It’s a matter of preference. Unless you think that green products are more expensive, they’re actually not.)

-Hair Removal products, 20% off.

-Cheerios for 2 bucks!!!

-Gillette/Satin Care/Noxzema/Old Spice shaving gel, 2.99. Nothing wrong with using guy gel, as long as you don’t mind the muskiness. Otherwise it’s the same shizzle. Maybe less moisturizers, though. I personally use shower cream/gel.

-Trident Layers for one buck. Finally in Canada! How bout that dollar, eh!

-Dove for Men? Somehow I don’t see that panning out.

-A lotta Crest/Oral B stuff.

Here’s the link:

Pharmacies are Phun!

Peace out.

Are you a girl? Part Deux. (Sorry, no guys this time)

April 7, 2010

I rarely frequent (rarely frequent?! can I say that?) conventions, especially the kind that don’t involve eating or drinking or male models. I’m always tempted, but the idea of such a mass of people together under one roof makes me a tad claustrophobic. Especially sober people. They scare me more than drunkards, who are usually pretty happy to be there. Guys going to wedding conventions, or women going to car conventions, are usually on the verge of a psychotic episode. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love car conventions, seeing the awesome new cars and technology, and I’m not supporting gender stereotypes. I’m just saying that guys are more likely to want to stay there for hours on end checking out the specifics, whereas women are more likely to want to hop in in of those convertibles driving away with a male model. That’s what they’re lacking at these conventions. I’m sure gay guys would also hop on board.

Anywho, this weekend at Palais des Congres there’s going to be a female oriented convention: “The National Women’s Show”.

I don’t know if guys are allowed in, my guess is yes, and my guess is also that your boy would rather you go alone or with your g-f’s. Nothing worse than a mopey man. Buzz kill! The ad says “Great Deals, Celebrity guests, Free makeovers, (most importantly) Delicious food sampling….” amongst others.

Here’s the link, including a 2 for 1 coupon. Admission is 12 bucks, the schedule is on the ad:

Print and go! Cya there! I’ll be the one in pink.

Peace out

Site for sore eyes

April 7, 2010

So this site may not be as entertaining as my last one, but it will be to both your pockets and imagination. We are limited by both as to where we can travel in this world, but this site is the solution! You might have heard of it already, heck maybe even checked it out once or twice, but I actually sign up to get the newsletter every week. It’s called TravelZoo, and I don’t know what crazy robots are behind it, (SkyNet, is that you?) but they guarantee the best travel deals of all kinds of all places. They scour the web, and all the major travel sites, and whittle it down to 20 deals a week. Hence the TravelZoo Top 20:

I’ll post it here every week, in case you don’t like newsletters. They get nabbed pretty fast, so you can’t really overanalyze if you’re planning on going away. Here are some examples of this week:

$72 Fly to 4 Cities in Florida from Toronto & Montreal (Air Canada)

$36 Las Vegas Hotel on ‘The Strip’ (Reg. $141) (

$125 Niagara Casino & Meals Package, incl. Weekends Sheraton Fallsview Hotel

$96 Chic New Miami Hotel at 55% OFF, Sale Ends Friday Tempo Miami, A RockResort

US$489 Puerto Rico 4-Diamond Beachfront Getaway incl. Air (

Bon voyagging!

Peace out